Engine Tuning & Engine Remapping


Does your car feel a bit sluggish? Do you want to get better fuel consumption?

Increased power and torque will improve your driving experience.

Power delivery will be smooth and consistent up through the gears.

Engine will be much more responsive, overtaking is smoother and safer – power when you need it.

Improvement in fuel consumption for all speeds.

Engine Remapping Hampshire

Increased torque means fewer gear changes, improving your urban drive.

Benefits of Engine tuning Portsmouthtintex Engine Tuning & Engine Remapping Services

We only use the latest technology, software and tools.
Our diagnostic and programming equipment is genuine and not copied and imported cheaply. It is all fully supported within the United Kingdom. Find out more!
KTag Universal ECU InterfaceUS Engine Diagnostics Tools
Performance, Pro and Economy Services.
Three different levels of improvement – Performance, Pro and Economy. Engine tuning and remapping that reflects your needs.
Petrol or diesel - turbo or non-turbo.
Boost your power and fuel consumption rating by allowing Tintex car window tinting in Hampshiretintex to optimise your engine performance – for any kind of engine! We have extensive experience covering most makes and models.
Warranty proof!
Our engine tuning and engine remapping services will not void your warranty. The adjustments made to the ECU are untraceable and – at any point – the ECU can be reset to factory standards.
Safe from over-tuning or straining.
Inferior tuning may actually put strain on your engine. Badly made adjustments result in “over-tuning” which will wear out components quicker and reduce the reliability of your vehicle. At Tintex engine tuning and remapping in Hampshiretintex, we take great care to achieve the perfect balance.
Insurance company safe.
In the vast majority of cases, adjustments made to the ECU, by qualified technicians, will not have an effect on insurance premiums. We always advise notifying your insurance company, however, of any alterations to your vehicle.
Mileage Correction, DPF Removal and D.T.C. Delete
We offer the full range of electronic management. Find out more about Mileage Correction, Diesel Particulate Filter removal, fault code delete and warning light reset.
We work smartly and efficiently so we can offer the best prices.
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Quality control and performance guarantees.
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Over 20 years of experience – we will offer friendly, honest advice.
Call or pop in for a chat – anytime!
Certified and accredited by UK trade and industry office.
We’re a leading Portsmouth company, family owned and operated.
Flexible packages, best offers and unmissable deals
Science of engine tuningApplication
All modern cars, vans and trucks have an ECU under the bonnet which controls and manages the performance of your engine. The ECU contains “maps”, which are like a set of instructions that define how your engine will behave. At Tintex car engine management diagnostics Portsmouthtintex, we work on these maps using the latest technology, software and methods – providing optimum performance at the level that you need.
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